Mobile Magnetic Practice Inspector

The mobile Magnetic Practice Inspecto covers wide application range in industries such as machine building ship making aviation automobile manufacturing and also educational center…
These devices can reveal circular cracks in one phase as well as match according to the ASTM E1444 standard.
Also has the ability to demagnetize.
Features of the portable crack detection device:

  • It has a digital control system.
  • Adjustable flow and automatic flow control
  • AC and HWDC flow selection
  • Fast demagnetization of AC flow

It is important to mention that the devices are presentable from 1000 amp to 10000 amp

Ferrotest M30 مشخصات فنی
ASTM E1444 استاندارد رعایت شده
3000A شدت جریان موثر
Infinity Variable امکان تنظیم شدت جریان
6 ولتاژ تست در حالت باز
℅30 نسبت زمان کاریه زمان کل
380V برق ورودی
5m طول کابل اندازه گیری جریان
95mm2 سطح مقطع کابل
190Kg وزن