Universal magnetic particle Inspector

The Universal magnetic particle covers wide application range in industries such as machine building ship making aviation automobile manufacturing and also educational center…
Testing is done using the contact method. These devices can reveal all longitudinal and circular cracks in one phase as well as match according to the ASTM E1444 standard made and also has the ability to demagnetize.
Its import to mention that the devices are presentable from2000amp to 3000amp to 4000amp.


Technical Data AG 600 AG 900
In Compliance With ASTM E1444 ASTM E1444
Test Procedure Automatic Automatic
Clamping Length 0 – 640 mm 0 – 940 mm
Clamping Diameter 200mm 200mm
Max. Component Weight 15Kg 15Kg
Type of Current AC AC
Nominal Current Effective 2000A 2000A
Nominal Current Peak 2800A 2800A
Short Circuit Effective 2920A 2920A
Open Circuit Voltage 6V 6V
Intensity Regulation Infinity Variable Infinity Variable
Flux Flow 15000AT 15000AT
Magnetic Flux Density Max ›1.6 Tesla ›1.6 Tesla
Intensity Regulation Infinity Variable Infinity Variable
Absolute Cycle Time 6 Sec 6 Sec
Power Input 35KVA 55KVA
Maine Connection Ac 3 – Phase Ac 3 -Phase
Duty Cycle ℅40 ℅40
Clamping Method Pneumatic Pneumatic
Compressed Air Supply 5 Bar 5Bar
Clamping Force 940N 940N
Weight Without Cables 490Kg 540Kg