on line magnetic particle inspector

The on line magnetic particle covers wide application range in industries such as machine building ship making aviation automobile manufacturing … Testing is done using the none contact method. These devices can reveal all longitudinal and circular cracks in one phase as well as match according to the ASTM E1444 standard made and also has the ability to demagnetize this series of devices can be used for certain parts that are geometrically irregular length and size and number do not matter in this series of device. This means that it covers a wide spectrum of parts and products. It is important to mention that the roller of the device is de fined and built according to the type of device


AGSMAG3000S Technical Data
ASTM E1444 In Compliance With
Automatic Test Procedure
Multidirectional System System Test Type
Coil Shat System
Automatic سيستم پاشش مواد فلوروسنت
Digital Current Control System
Hall Effect Current Measuring By
PLC Siemens S7 انجام فرامين داده شده به دستگاه توسط
HMI فرامين داده شده به دستگاه توسط
50HZ Trans Frequency 1
انتخابی Trans Test Voltage 1
?? سلف برای ترانس1جهت تنظيم ولتا‍ژ خروجی
230V Voltage Control
600 mm Coil internal diameter 1
›1.9 Tesla Max. Coil density 1
450 mm Clamping Diameter
60 Kg Max. Component Weight
AC Current Type
9000 A Effective Current
50HZ Trans Frequency 2
انتخابی Trans Test Voltage 2
?? سلف برای ترانس2جهت تنظيم ولتا‍ژ خروجی
230V Voltage Control
700 mm Coil internal diameter 2
Infinity Variable Current adjustment possibility
›1.9 Tesla Max. Coil density 2
Infinity Variable Coil Current adjustment possibility
120KVA میزان برق مصرفی
Ac 3 × 400 V Input
℅100 Duty Cycle
2500Kg Weight